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Custom Home Design Trends Set to Endure in 2024

It’s that time of the year when home design trends and predictions come out in the limelight. Although not all of them are deemed to be true, at least a few of them are slated to become a practice by the end of the New Year. Homeowners today not only just look for a place to live; they scout for a living space that reflects their lifestyles and aspirations.

What are the Most Noteworthy Home Design Trends of 2024?

1.   Smart Home Technologies

We have already stepped into the world of smart home technologies this year, and in 2024, this trend is all set to make groundbreaking advancements. Artificial Intelligence is going to play a significant role, enabling homes to become more customer-driven. Custom home builders in Salmon Arm must adapt to the preferences and requirements of the residents as well during the construction and designing phase. The integration of IoT devices and voice assistants may create a streamlined system, allowing homeowners to control everything with voice commands. With smart devices and appliances, homes are all set to meet the requirements of the residents effortlessly.

2.   Bold Colours

Most homeowners would be keener to transform their properties to make them look unique. No longer are monochromatic shades going to rule when it comes to choosing colours. It’s time you switch to warmer shades like brown, green, and blue. Search for the colour patterns in the properties that have already been launched in Salmon Arm real estate to understand what the trends are going to be.

3.   Tech-Infused Kitchens

Kitchens have always been the cornerstone of homes but in 2024, you will come across more tech-infused spaces. Wondering how? From smart storage solutions to touchless faucets and smart appliances, these solutions are all set to become a standard option in custom homes. Besides, kitchen layouts will differ as well and become more personalised to the cooking needs. Preparing the meals will be easier now. Thanks to the integration of technology. Home builders in Salmon Arm are also working tirelessly to make kitchens need-centric without missing the aesthetic values.

4.   Merging Mudrooms With Laundry Rooms

When it comes to merging different areas within the house, nothing looks as good as the amalgamation of mudrooms and laundry rooms. This is especially good for those homeowners who are over-conscious about maintaining cleanliness at home and track the dust and dirt that comes from outside. To make your space more functional, Salmon Arm home builders add a utility sink and a bench to soak dirt and muddy footwear should also be beneficial.

5.   Net Zero Homes

Net zero homes will be the focus of most homeowners. With advancements in the world of technology like smart home systems, solar technology, and energy-efficient insulation, smart houses are all set to take over. British Columbia home builders add these changes to not only reduce carbon footprints but also reduce cost savings in the long run.

6.   Wellness

Homes in 2024 will be a space where the mind and body recognise every aspect of existence. So, the prevalence of home gyms, yoga studios, luxurious bathtubs, and personal spas can be seen in several homes.

7.   Bringing the Outdoors in

For those who love to stay amidst nature, homes that bring the outdoors in may be the right option. When barriers are removed, the unobstructed views of nature may prevail. With open layouts in homes, the flow of fresh and clean air is more apparent primarily due to the demolition of walls within the house. Besides, you can expect more natural light to enter the house along with clean air. Living in Salmon Arm is all set to take a new shape with more and more homebuyers flocking in for houses that are surrounded by natural and several natural elements indoors.

8.   Incorporating Flexibility in Living Spaces

When it comes to home construction, flexible living spaces are going to rule in 2024. With people’s lives evolving constantly, homes need to adapt to the growing concerns of the owners. Gone are the traditional designs where rigidity prevailed. Today, people are going to look forward to homes where owners should get the opportunity to repurpose from the bedroom to home offices. More is the adaptation greater is the functionality of the house. Flexibility embodies the principles of modern living where designs need to be in perfect harmony with the construction process.

When it comes to home design in 2024, the trends are evident but some are going to broaden the horizon. From innovation to perfection and styles, custom homes will continue to be one of the most enduring living spaces when combined with sustainability and elegance.